COVID-19 Update

During the next few weeks Garrison Family Dentistry is open once again for business, but thoughtfully and purposefully working at a slower pace to reduce traffic and keep social distancing in mind.

We are following American Dental Association guidelines for patients and for staff.  This will result in some changes you can expect if you have an appointment in the next few weeks/months.

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Greetings and hope this finds you safe and healthy.  We WILL be opening our office back up to patients beginning next week on May 4th.  That said, there will be some immediate changes that you will for sure notice, but they are with your safety, and our safety, in mind.

  • IF you have a cleaning appointment in May, please be patient with us as we try to manage seeing fewer patients each day due to the amount of time to properly keep the office and clinical rooms as clean as possible. We will be rearranging the schedule as needed (we also are working around staff with kids home from school and not in day care yet).
  • We will NOT work if current PPE supply does not meet our standards for personal or patient safety, so if we cannot treat safely, we won’t treat at all.
  • Our waiting room for the short term will be closed. Sorry for the inconvenience this causes but we are trying to keep traffic down inside the building until we are ready to take you back for treatment.  Only young children and disabled will be allowed to accompany patients to operatory.
  • Because the waiting room is closed, please call us upon arrival to check in for your appointment, we will then call you back when it is time to come in to the building. You will be handed a mask, hand sanitizer, and have temperature taken in the breezeway by our staff.  You will be also asked a series of questions before being allowed in the building.  Our door will remained locked from the outside, signage will be posted.
  • Please let us know ASAP if you cannot make an upcoming appointment. We are really trying to scale down our volume to handle the virus and late cancellations/no shows are keeping others from getting the dental care that they need (we have over 500 patients waiting to get cleanings on a wait list).  So please “commit” to your assigned appointment time.


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