Six-Month Adult Orthodontics

Straight as an Arrow in Six Months

There are many of us who remember a time when the only braces available were made of metal brackets and wires—and they often had to be worn for years. They could be distracting, always catching the light at the wrong time and causing reflections when pictures were taken, and a lot of wearers made every effort not to show their teeth when they smiled. Today’s short-term orthodontic options are not only discreet, but the average treatment time is just six months. If you plan ahead just a little, you can have a straighter smile in time for a wedding, graduation, reunion or other important occasion. Ask Garrison Family Dentistry about six-month adult orthodontics today!

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Six-Month Adult Orthodontics

If you’re an adult (16+) looking for straighter teeth without traditional braces, Six-Month Adult Orthodontics may be the perfect solution for you. Clear braces are discreet, and average treatment time is just 6 months!

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You don’t need an upcoming milestone to decide now is the time to have the pleasing smile you’ve always wanted. Maybe you’ll just have an “aha” moment and decide that you’ve put it off long enough. A quick transformation can not only improve your appearance, it can increase confidence, lift your mood, and may provide extra motivation to get out and have more fun!

Adult life in the modern world almost always means busy schedules—it’s hard to avoid. Six-Month Adult Orthodontics are very appealing to busy folks who need orthodontics. The technology of short-term braces includes not only speedy treatment times, but aesthetically pleasing materials so people focus on your face and NOT your braces.

Unlikely as it sounds, alignment of the teeth has an effect on overall oral health. Straighter teeth have less hard-to-reach places, simplifying oral hygiene and minimizing potential tooth decay risk. A well-aligned bite can also alleviate uneven tooth wear.

Could Six-Month Adult Orthodontics Be for You?

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