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We Don’t Have Flying Cars Yet, But Dental Technology Soars!

Not too many years ago, dental teams relied on handheld mirrors, trays of goop to make molds of patients’ teeth and bites, and not many procedures could be completed in one appointment (or even the same day) when a patient saw the dentist. Technological advancements have affected every aspect of the modern world, but one place where technology has really changed the game is the field of dentistry. The machines that share images allow diagnosis to have uncanny accuracy, but there is a great deal more to dental technology than just the view. Tools are available that detect conditions from cavities to oral cancer; materials that comprise dental restorations are lighter, more durable, and more beautiful than ever before; and products are available for in-home use that keep mouths healthy and strong, from electric toothbrushes to special rinses to teeth whitening solutions. Garrison Family Dentistry loves technology because it helps us provide our patients with world-class dentistry right here in Smithville!

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Digital X-Rays

Digital x-ray imaging is more detailed and precise than the film radiographs of old. They can also be viewed quickly and allow for the most accurate diagnosis possible. In many cases, the patient never even has to leave the chair!

CT Scanner

X-rays haven’t just gone digital—they’ve gone 3D, with no need for those goofy glasses you wear at 3D movies! 3D scans are fast, accurate, and allow views of your complete bite and all your teeth—no other special effects needed!

Intraoral Camera

Intraoral cameras give dentists and patients a precise view of the mouth, teeth, and their condition. The patient never has to leave the chair, and the images are shown to the patient and the dentist at the same time. Intraoral cameras are also compatible with Dr. Garrison and Dr. Alissa Becknell’s other software to keep your case in focus.


DIAGNOdent is a tool that assists your Smithville dentists in locating and identifying cavities before they may be visible through an exam or regular x-rays. It can even detect cavities that hide beneath an outer tooth surface that appears intact.


Oral-B® was the first electric toothbrush brand accepted by the American Dental Association, and their quality floss products are a favorite of many dentists and hygienists. Because Oral-B has developed a large, diverse family of products, there is likely to be something is just right for the specific needs of each member of your household.




CariFree® has pioneered a line of products that treat the bacterial balance of the mouth by elevating pH levels. Their products have the proven ability to prevent cavities, protecting teeth from more serious future issues such as severe gum disease and tooth decay.

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What Could Technology Do for Your Teeth?

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